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" Experience luxurious hand crafted pure Belgian chocolate..."

The Limited Edition

Essentials Box



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A collection of our favourites…

20 beautiful chocolates spanning across 10 world renowned flavours.
From classics like caramel and coffee, to modern twists such as Lemon Myrtle or Pecan Plonk, each hand crafted with the finest couverture Belgian chocolate.

Our chocolates are made in Australia from Couverture Belgian chocolate (without any added vegetable fats) to give that creamy taste we know you love.

  • NO animal fats
  • NO gelatine
  • NO added artificial flavourings
  • NO artificial colour or preservatives.

Reveal Chocolates

Pecan Plonk!​

Cappucchi no truffle

Lemon Mytrle

Dark Orange

Caramel Smooth

Ecuador Origin


Strawberry's & Cream​

Sozzled Sultanas

Peppermint Mousse

What’s Inside?


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