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Can you ​remember back to when you were a little kid and the anticipation of Christmas morning kept you up all night? Do you remember wondering what was inside all of those neatly wrapped boxes? I bet you couldn't wait to rip into them?!

The Chocolate Tasting Club is just like that. The excitement to uncover what’s in the box is a feast for the eyes as much as the taste buds. However, what’s better about the Chocolate box is that you don't have to wait a whole year for the next box to come!

Urban Chocolatier want you to have this uplifting and delightful experience now; today! ​- not just on special occasions.

The Club
So, you want to know what a Chocolate Club is all about?

We're glad you asked.

It’s simple: You subscribe and we’ll send you a different box of premium chocolate every month.

It’s not bars of chocolate rather fine individual chocolate pieces. There’s two of each type in the box so you can share and compare.

Some of the chocolates we make ourselves and some are sourced from guest chocolatiers, so you get to sample the best chocolate from around Australia and beyond.

Every month the box will be different so you’ll never receive the same chocolate twice.


As well as enjoying the chocolate experience we encourage you to score the chocolate — it’s part of the fun. We know that tastes differ, however, with your help, the best scoring chocolate of that year will be packaged up and served in a special box of its own.

Do you like the sound that? Have you grabbed an introductory box yet?

Buy $29 - Limited Edition
Introductory Box

Using only the finest Couverture Belgian Chocolate, each piece is meticulously hand crafted with passion & devotion through generations of chocolatiers.