The Chocolate Club (Coming Soon)

"Just like a wine club, without the hangover..."

Can you remember back to when you were a little kid and the anticipation of Christmas morning kept you up all night? Do you remember wondering what was inside all of those neatly wrapped boxes?

The Chocolate Tasting Club is just like that. The excitement to uncover what’s in the box is a pleasure for the eyes as much as the taste buds.

How it Works?


Join The Exclusive Chocolate Club

Become part of an exclusive community gifted to experience the true magic of Couverture Belgian Chocolate; as it dances across your tastebuds.


Have A different Box Delivered Every Month

As a member, you will receive a unique box every month, each hand crafted with passion by independent master chocolatiers around Australia.


Experience Authentic Belgian Chocolate

You deserve nothing but the best, so explore all that chocolate has to offer with Urban Chocolatier.


Score & Compare Your Favourites!

The best scoring chocolate for the year will be packaged up and served in a special limited edition box of its own.

How it Works?

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