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Frequently Asked Q's

Let's answer some of the questions you may have about the Chocolate Tasting Club

What am I signing up to?

You are not signing up to anything. We are in the pre-release stage and simply gauging interest in the club.

If you love chocolate then please sign up.

You’re simply letting us know that you like the idea and would be interested in a monthly Tasting Club subscription.

Do I pay anything now?

No. If you sign up now there’s no cost involved and you are not committed to buying. We simply want to know how many people would be interested, so we can prepare accordingly. 

If you do sign up now and decide to subscribe at our launch, we'll make sure you get the best deal.

What's the cost of a monthly subscription?

At this moment, we expect the box to be $59.95 a month including postage.

How does your cost compare to other chocolate?

We are not like Cadburry's or Lindt or any other shop bought chocolate.

You will find that we are comparable to other quality artisan made chocolate.

Will I have to get a box every month?

Yes. To begin with our service will be set up as a monthly subscription.

As we grow, we plan to customise your experience so you may receive your order every two or three months, if you prefer.

What’s the club all about?

For me us it's the excitement of Christmas morning every month. Unwrapping your selection box feasting on the treasures inside. But I have a child's excitement about quality chocolate.

If you're not as much of a chocolate lover as me you can think of it a bit like a wine club without the hangover! You get a different box of premium chocolate every month to enjoy by yourself, share — or give as a present.

I've got some dietary requirements...

No problem!
All of the ingredients used in our chocolates are listed on each box, but in addition you will find;
No vegetable fats
No animal fats
No gelatine
No eggs
Gluten free

*Allergy Advice - Our chocolates are created in a facility that uses nut ingredients