January 19

Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe


Looking for a showstopping chocolate cake that’s bound to lift your dinner party status? This deliciously fudgy chocolate cake is the best cake you’ve never made!

What you’ll need

250g butter

1 tbs instant coffee

1 ½ cups hot water

200g dark cooking chocolate chopped

2 cups caster sugar

1 ½ cups self-raising flour

¼ cup cocoa

2 eggs

2 tsp vanilla

Chocolate Butter Cream

250g butter, softened 

2 cups) icing sugar mixture, sifted 

½ cup cocoa, sifted 

¼ cup milk

How to make

  1. Grease 25cm round cake tin and turn oven to 160 degrees 
  2. Melt butt in pan, stir in combined coffee and hot water, then add chocolate and sugar before stirring until smooth.
  3. Place mixture into large bowl of an electric mixer and gradually beat in the sifted dry ingredients in 3 lots. Add the eggs and vanilla and beat well. 
  4. Pour the mixture into cake tin and bake in a slow oven for 1hour 30 mins. Let the cake stand for 5 minutes before turning the cake out of the tin. When the cake is cold you can add the butter cream.

For the buttercream, beat the butter until pale and creamy – approx. 5-6 minutes. Add the icing sugar, cocoa and milk, and beat until light and fluffy. 


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