December 8

Keeping your chocolates cool this summer


The weather is warming up! As much as we love the long hot days of an Australian summer, our chocolate isn’t such a fan. Chocolate is meant to melt at body temperature and a really warm day can result in a melted chocolate mess. 

But don’t worry – we are committed to giving our chocolates the five-star treatment when they’re in transit to you, so that you receive the delicious (and fully formed!) chocolate you’re craving. Read on for our tips on keeping your chocolates cool all summer long.

Find the coolest spot in the house

The ideal place to store your chocolate at home is in a cool, dark place. Anything over 26 degrees Celsius can cause your chocolate to lose its temper. No, your chocolate isn’t in a bad mood – the ‘temper’ is that bright, shiny look on quality chocolate and the firm consistency that is oh-so-satisfying to bite into.

If your chocolate does get too warm, it can develop a soft, crumbly texture. It can also start to bloom – that white, misty look that happens as the sugar comes out of the cocoa. While your chocolate will still taste good after blooming, it’s not ideal. For the best results, the coolest cupboard is your best option. 

Use the fridge – but only if you have to

In the height of summer, you may not have a spot in the house that stays below 26 degrees. If that is the case, you may resort to keeping your chocolate cool in the fridge. But beware – simply throwing your sweet treats inside is no way to treat beautiful, quality chocolate!

Cocoa butter can absorb other flavours and it’s likely that your fridge is full of these (leftover Christmas ham, anyone?). If you want your chocolate tasting only of chocolate, pack it away in an airtight container.

Plan ahead before tasting

If you’re keeping your chocolate in the fridge, you can miss out on the amazing textures and flavours when you eat it cold. Quality chocolate is best enjoyed at room temperature. So plan ahead and take your chocolate out with plenty of time so that it can warm up. Once it’s at room temperature, unwrap and let the chocolatey goodness melt on your tongue. Amazing.

Use our monthly delivery service

Keeping chocolates for months at a time increases the chances that they will be spoilt by high temperatures, low temperatures, other flavours, and more. For fresh and delicious chocolate whenever you want it, sign up for our Chocolate Tasting Club. With a different box of hand crafted chocolates delivered every month, you’ll never run out!

We use special, double insulated packaging that keeps your chocolate cool in transit, so even during the height of summer, you can be sure that your chocolate will arrive as beautiful and delicious as when it left us.

Do you have any great chocolate storage tips? Let us know in the comments! 


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