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Belgian chocolate. What is it and why does it matter?


Nothing is more divine that enjoying a crisp glass of red and a bite of Belgian chocolate – its unique properties not only make it one of the most admired type of chocolate in the world, but notably, the best.
Butwhat makes it so unique?

The History
Did you know that Belgian Chocolate is over four-hundred years old? According to Brussels Express Magazine, “The conquistadores brought cocoa beans to Europe from their Central and South American colonies. Back then, chocolates were sold as medicine.” – while it’s not sold as medicine anymore, there are still thought to be some medicinal benefits – but mostly it’s delicious.

Created in Belgium
Due to the Belgian Chocolate Code developed in 2007 – all Belgian Chocolate must be imported from Belgium and labelled so. The country has now been known for its love of the silky cocoa bean and is home to the largest chocolate factory in the world – produced by Barry Callebaut.

This factory in Wieze pours over 270 million kilograms of chocolate every year and is home to their famed Chocolate Academy, where some of the world’s top chocolatiers have trained. They also eat it too – an average Belgian person consumes over six kilograms of Belgian chocolate per year.

Cocoa Content
When Belgian Chocolate is produced through harvesting the beans, it retains a high percentage of cacao butter – usually close to, if not, one hundred percent. Other chocolate companies will replace cacao butter with other vegetable fats, affecting the quality and the flavour. This is not the case with Belgian Chocolate, allowing the rich and buttery flavours to stay intact.

This high cacao content (one of the highest in the world), allows it to maintain the optimum flavours of the chocolate, right through to the silky texture and the bitter aftertaste, making it an experience to remember. 

The Types
Most would know the traditional Belgian Chocolate squares, but the Belgium people also created the famed Ballotin Box – praline and chocolate truffles, defined by its sloping sides and beautifully wrapped presentation. Invented by Neuhaus in 1912, this delicious gift of chocolate pralines (usually filled with a flavoured nut pastry or ganache) is now more commonly known as the Neuhaus Belgian Chocolatier Box and contains 34 pieces of premium chocolate. Our Tasting Box favours this classical style, allowing you to enjoy snippets of our premium Belgian chocolate.

The Experience
Leaning into the philosophy that chocolate is something to be savoured and enjoyed, Belgium enjoys the rich experience that pralines and chocolate brings. With many different notes, fillings and ways to experience enjoying creamy cacao – you know you are getting the superior flavour when you invest in their chocolate. 

Love rich, premium chocolates? Sign up for our Chocolate Tasting Experience, so you can have a delicious box delivered to your door every month, without having to fly to Belgium.


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