May 24

Ready to score? Here are five incredible chocolate characteristics to consider.

At Urban Chocolatier, we select premium chocolate that goes beyond taste and texture. We consider elements such as flavour and originality – not to mention the satisfying snap that high-quality chocolate brings.

After tasting each of our luxury chocolates in your tasting box, we encourage you to discuss, share and debate what stood out to you – was it the texture, the filling, the fruit tasting notes? 

Through the practice of discovering, devouring and comparing, we hope to expand your tastes and hone your appreciation of high quality chocolate. 

To begin your chocolate journey, here are some chocolate characteristics to consider when scoring, and when you are ready, head to to log your scores! 

The snap. 
Finding a chocolate with a satisfying snap is part of the process – this means quality.Premium chocolate is made through tempering – where the chocolate is heated, cooled and stored to the correct temperature. Tempered chocolate will have a glossy sheen upon inspecting. Chocolate that is not tempered is prone to ‘blooming’ (uneven textures) and won’t have a clean snap to it when enjoying.

What is the texture?
Do you prefer something with crunch, or a smooth exterior with a runny filling? By taking note of different textures while savouring each bite, you’re able to concentrate on the overall mouth feel. Chewy, rough, silky – with filling or without? Take note on whether you think the fillings complement the chocolate. There are no right or wrong answers.

Name the notes.
Tasting notes are very important in the wonderful world of food and wine, and equally so when you are tasting chocolate. There are many notes to consider, but some of the key factors you’ll come across are fruity, spicy, floral, earthy, nutty and bitter. The undernotes of the chocolate are just as important as the texture and can influence a score. Also consider what you’re pairing your chocolate with, as this will alter the taste yet again.

Taste vs flavour
We love this tip by Perfect Daily Grind on understanding taste vs flavour. They suggest holding your nose while sucking a piece of chocolate. Flavour is created by our sense of smell, which is both what you sniff and what you experience when you’re chewing and swallowing. Good chocolate melts when it meets your tongue and contains many different flavours that you can focus on just by removing sniff from the equation.

Prepare to be surprised.
Staying true to your favourites is common when purchasing chocolate yourself; however, it won’t help you expand your chocolate tasting journey. To get the full experience of our tasting box and to really start to understand the essence of chocolate, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and try something completely different. We dare you.

What other great chocolate characteristics have you uncovered? Were you surprised by any new flavours? Be sure to let us know via social media or email. 


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